Half Marathon Baseline

I just applied for the NYC Half Marathon. Good chance I won’t get in, but I’m hoping to run 3 – 4 Half Marathons next year as well as the NYC Marathon, so I applied anyway.

Also, trying to keep a new baseline of 15 miles a week:

Winter Baseline?


Running Treats

My lovely wife Maria bought me an assortment of running treats. I’ll be reviewing these in upcoming posts. 

Harry Murphy Cross Country Classic

OK, so today was the Staten Island half marathon… and also the Harry Murphy Cross Country Classic 5K. I did the 5K!

It wasn’t without a minor mishap though – I forgot my tried and trusted running shoes, and had to run in my ‘zero drop’ Merrells. A little hillier than I expected, I was originally hoping to run this in 26 minutes. There were no clocks on the route, so I don’t know my time, but I think it was closer to 28 than 26 mins… I won’t find out until 1:00pm tomorrow.

My next officially timed race is the NYRR Dash to the Finish Line, which is on the Marathon weekend and a 5K gallop to the Marathon finish line… 26 minutes? I think I can do it…

2012 Dash to the Finish Line

Personal Bests and New Courses

So today was a minor milestone, having broken 45 minutes for a 5 mile run. This is better than my previous best of 48:32 for a five mile race. Of course, it doesn’t count as a PR, because it wasn’t officially timed. Even so, not a bad little jog, and great negative splits.

Yep, I’m in self-praise mode…

Mile 5 looks pretty sweet